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Titlesort ascending Authors Publication Date
What Drives Home Market Advantage? A. Kerem Coşar, Paul L.E. Grieco, Shengyu Li, Felix Tintelnot 2016-07
What Do You Think Would Make You Happier? What Do You Think You Would Choose? Daniel Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, Miles Kimball, Alex Rees-Jones 2012-08
What Accounts for the Racial Gap in Time Allocation and Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital? Limor Golan, George-Levi Gayle, Mehmet A. Soytas 2013-03
Welfare Analysis of Currency Regimes with Defaultable Debt Aloisio Pessoa de Araújo 2011-12
Wealthier, Happier and More Self-Sufficient: When Anti-Poverty Programs Improve Economic and Subjective Wellbeing at a Reduced Cost to Taxpayers Titus Galama, Robson Morgan, Juan E. Saavedra 2017-12
Was the First Public Health Campaign Successful? The Tuberculosis Movement and Its Effect on Mortality D. Mark Anderson, Kerwin Charles, Claudio Las Heras Olivares, Daniel I. Rees 2017-04
Wage, Income and Consumption Inequality in Japan, 1981-2008: from Boom to Lost Decades Jeremy Lise, Nao Sudo, Michio Suzuki, Ken Yamada, Tomoaki Yamada 2013-09
Wage Premia in Employment Clusters: How Important is Worker Heterogeneity? Shihe Fu, Stephen L. Ross 2011-12
Wage and Earnings Profiles at Older Ages Maria Casanova 2012-01
Voters and Politicians: Reassessing the Fiscal Effects of Direct Democracy Christopher Berry 2013-05
Vocational Training Programs and Youth Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Nepal Shubha Chakravarty, Mattias Lundberg, Plamen Nikolov, Juliane Zenker 2017-07
Vague Hopes, Active Aspirations and Equality Richard V. Reeves 2014-04
Using Linked Survey and Administrative Data to Better Measure Income: Implications for Poverty, Program Effectiveness and Holes in the Safety Net Bruce Meyer, Nikolas Mittag 2017-10
Using Kinked Budget Sets to Estimate Extensive Margin Responses: Method and Evidence from the Social Security Earnings Test Damon Jones, Alexander M. Gelber, Daniel W. Sacks, Jae Song 2017-05
Using complementary methods to test whether marriage limits men's antisocial behavior Sara Jaffee, Caitlin Lombardi, Rebekah Levine Coley 2013-02
Unpolicing the Urban Poor: Consequences of Third-Party Policing for Inner-City Women Matthew Desmond, Nicol Valdez 2013-01
Unobserved Heterogeneity in Matching Games Jeremy Fox, Chenyu Yang 2012-05
Unit Roots in White Noise Harald Uhlig, Alexei Onatski 2009-03
Unfair Pay and Health Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Ingo Menrath, Pablo Emilio Verde, Johannes Siegrist 2016-06
Unequal We Stand: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Inequality in the United States, 1967-2006 Jonathan Heathcote, Fabrizio Perri, Giovanni L. Violante 2009-01