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A neural network model of the structure and dynamics of human personality Stephen Read, Brian M. Monroe, Aaron L. Brownstein, Yu Yang, Gurveen Chopra, Lynn C. Miller 2010-01
Block Recursive Equilibria for Stochastic Models of Search on the Job Guido Menzio, Shouyong Shi 2010-01
Policy Perspectives on OTC Derivatives Market Infrastructure Darrell Duffie, Ada Li, Theo Lubke 2010-01
Price Indexes, Inequality, and the Measure of World Poverty Angus Deaton 2010-01
How to Analyze Political Attention with Minimal Assumptions and Costs Kevin M. Quinn, Burt L. Monroe, Michael Colaresi, Michael H. Crespin, Dragomir R. Radev 2010-01
Early parental care is important for hippocampal maturation: Evidence from brain morphology in humans Hengyi Rao, Laura Betancourt, Joan Giannetta, Nancy Brodsky, Marc Korczykowski, Brian Avants, James Gee, Jiongjiong Wang, Hallam Hurt, John Detre, Martha Farah 2010-01
On the Size of the Active Management Industry Lubos Pastor, Robert F. Stambaugh 2010-01
Five Decades of Consumption and Income Proverty Bruce Meyer, James X. Sullivan 2010-01
Aiming for Efficiency Rather Than Proficency Derek Neal 2010-02
Career Length: Effects of Curvature of Earnings Profiles, Earnings Shocks, and Social Security Thomas J. Sargent, Lars Ljungqvist 2010-02
Does Management Matter? Evidence from India Nicholas Bloom, Benn Eifert, Aprajit Mahajan, David McKenzie, John Roberts 2010-02
The African Growth Miracle Alwyn Young 2010-02
Guaranteed Versus Direct Lending: The Case of Student Loans Deborah Lucas, Damien Moore 2010-02
The neuroscience of human intelligence differences Ian Deary, Lars Penke, Wendy Johnson 2010-03
Identification and Estimation of Time-Varying Treatment Effects: How The Timing of Grade Retention Affects Outcomes Salvador Navarro 2010-03
Pricing and Welfare in Health Plan Choice Jonathan Levin, M. Kate Bundorf, Neale Mahoney 2010-04
Searching for Effective Teachers with Imperfect Information Douglas Staiger, Jonah Rockoff 2010-05
Mechanism Design in an Atkeson-Lucas Environment with Capital: A Progress Report Edward Green, Jia Pan 2010-05
Coordination, Switching Costs and the Division of Labor in General Medicine: An Economic Explanation for the Emergence of Hospitalists in the United States David O. Meltzer, Jeanette W. Chung 2010-05
Ignorance, Crisis and the Optimality of Debt for Liquidity Provision Gary Gorton, Tri Vi Dang, Bengt Holmstroem 2010-05