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Title Authors Publication Datesort descending
Trend and Cycle in Bond Premia Monika Piazzesi, Martin Schneider 2009-03
Unit Roots in White Noise Harald Uhlig, Alexei Onatski 2009-03
Hedonic Price Equilibria, Stable Matching, and Optimal Transport: Equivalence, Topology, and Uniqueness Pierre-André Chiappori, Robert J. McCann, Lars Nesheim 2009-03
The Impact of Nutrition During Early Childhood on Education among Guatemalan Adults John Maluccio, John Hoddinott, Jere Behrman, Agnes Quisumbing, Reynaldo Martorell, Aryeh Stein 2009-04
Mixed Hitting-Time Models Jaap Abbring 2009-04
Labour Market Dynamics with Sequential Auctions Jean-Marc Robin 2009-04
Liquidity Shocks and Order Book Dynamics Pierre-Olivier Weill, Bruno Biais 2009-05
The Dynamics of Reforms: Productivity Growth and Capital Flows Francisco Buera, Yongseok Shin 2009-05
Entrepreneurs, Legal Institutions and Firm Dynamics Anne Villamil, Neus Herranz, Stefan Krasa 2009-05
Extended Mathematical Programming: Competition and Stochasticity Michael Ferris, Steven P. Dirkse, Jan-H. Jagla, Alexander Meeraus 2009-06
Efficient Contracts, Inefficient Equilibria, and Renegotiation Edward Green, Jia Pan 2009-06
Anti-Lemons: School Reputation and Educational Quality W. Bentley MacLeod, Miguel Urquiola 2009-06
Trends in Quality-Adjusted Skill Premia in the United States,1960-2000 Pedro Carneiro, Sokbae Lee 2009-07
Pay for Percentile Derek Neal, Gadi Barlevy 2009-08
Do health behaviors explain the effect of neuroticism on mortality? Longitudinal findings from the VA Normative Aging Study Dan Mroczek, Avron Spiro, Nicholas Turiano 2009-08
How Far are We from the Slippery Slope? The Laffer Curve Revisited Harald Uhlig, Mathias Trabandt 2009-08
Kindergarten Skills and Fifth-Grade Achievement: Evidence from the ECLS-K Amy Claessens, Greg Duncan, Mimi Engel 2009-08
Two-Mode Models of Self-Regulation as a Tool for Conceptualizing Effects of the Serotonin System in Normal Behavior and Diverse Disorders Charles Carver, Sheri Johnson, Jutta Joormann 2009-08
Effects of School Reform on Education and Labor Market Performance: Evidence from Chile's Universal Voucher System David Bravo, Sankar Mukhopadhyay, Petra Todd 2009-09
A Model of a Systemic Bank Run Harald Uhlig 2009-09