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The Evolution of Inequality, Heterogeneity and Uncertainty in Labor Earnings in the U.S. Economy Flavio Cunha, James J. Heckman 2007-10
What's Wrong with Health Inequalities? Daniel Hausman 2007-11
Contract Pricing in Consumer Credit Markets Liran Einav, Mark Jenkins, Jonathan Levin 2008-01
The Impact of Nutrition During Early Childhood on Income, Hours Worked, and Wages of Guatemalan Adults John Hoddinott, John Maluccio, Jere Behrman, Rafael Flores, Reynaldo Martorell 2008-02
Credit Rationing, Macro Volatility, and Industrial Evolution in Developing Countries Eric Bond, James Tybout, Hâle Utar 2008-06
Probability and Uncertainty in Economic Modeling Itzhak Gilboa, Andrew W. Postlewaite, David Schmeidler 2008-07
Why do intelligent people live longer? Ian Deary 2008-11
An Empirical Model of Wage Dispersion with Sorting Rasmus Lentz, Jesper Bagger 2008-12
Illiquidity and Interest Rate Policy Douglas Diamond, Raghuram Rajan 2008-12
Determinants of Well-Being in North Korea: Evidence from the Post-Famine Period Daniel Jong Schwekendiek 2008-12
An Assignment Model with Divorce and Remarriage Pierre-André Chiappori, Murat Iyigun, Yoram Weiss 2008-12
Correct Specification and Identification of Nonparametric Transformation Models Pierre-André Chiappori, Ivana Komunjer 2008-12
The Federal Student Loan Program: Quantitative Implications for College Enrollment and Default Rates Felicia Ionescu 2009-01
A New Look on Early Child Care and Education (ECCE) as a Joint Responsibility Maria da Graca Gomes Paiva, Alessandra Schneider, Maria Lucia Salle Machado, Pollyana Vilela Duarte Perinazzo 2009-01
Unequal We Stand: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Inequality in the United States, 1967-2006 Jonathan Heathcote, Fabrizio Perri, Giovanni L. Violante 2009-01
Are Women More Credit Constrained? Experimental Evidence on Gender and Microenterprise Returns Suresh De Mel, David McKenzie, Chris Woodruff 2009-01
On the Economics and Biology of Trust Ernst Fehr 2009-01
Socioeconomic status and the developing brain Daniel Hackman, Martha Farah 2009-02
Households as Corporate Firms: An Analysis of Household Finance Using Integrated Household Surveys and Corporate Financial Accounting Krislert Samphantharak, Robert M. Townsend 2009-02
Endogeneous Household Interaction Daniela Del Boca, Christopher Flinn 2009-02