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The Perry Preschoolers at Late Midlife: A Study in Design-Specific Inference James J. Heckman, Ganesh Karapakula 2019-05
Family and Government Insurance: Wage, Earnings, and Income Risks in the Netherlands and the U.S. Mariacristina De Nardi, Giulio Fella, Marike Knoef, Gonzalo Paz-Pardo, Raun Van Ooijen 2019-05
Paid Family Leave and Breastfeeding: Evidence from California Jessica Pac, Ann P. Bartel, Christopher Ruhm, Jane Waldfogel 2019-05
Girls, Boys, and High Achievers Angela Cools, Raquel Fernandez, Eleonora Patacchini 2019-05
Intergenerational and Intragenerational Externalities of the Perry Preschool Project James J. Heckman, Ganesh Karapakula 2019-05
Improving Access and Quality in Early Childhood Development Programs: Experimental Evidence from The Gambia Moussa P. Blimpo, Pedro Carneiro, Pamela Jervis, Todd Pugatch 2019-04
Breaking Ties: Regression Discontinuity Design Meets Market Design Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Joshua Angrist, Yusuke Narita, Parag Pathak 2019-04
Experiment-as-Market: Incorporating Welfare into Randomized Controlled Trials Yusuke Narita 2019-04
Effects of Maternal Work Incentives on Adolescent Social Behaviors Dhaval Dave, Hope Corman, Ariel Kalil, Ofira Schwartz-Soicher, Nancy E. Reichman 2019-04
Labor Market Power David Berger, Kyle Herkenhoff, Simon Mongey 2019-04
Addressing Seasonality in Veil of Darkness Tests for Discrimination: An Instrumental Variables Approach Jesse Kalinowski, Matthew Ross, Stephen L. Ross 2019-04
The Causal Effects of Education on Adult Health, Mortality and Income: Evidence from Mendelian Randomization and the Raising of the School Leaving Age Neil M. Davies, Matt Dickson, George Davey Smith, Frank Windmeijer, G.J. van den Berg 2019-04
Demographic Aging, Industrial Policy, and Chinese Economic Growth Michael Dotsey, Wenli Li, Fang Yang 2019-04
The Development of Egalitarian Norm Enforcement in Childhood and Adolescence Zvonimir Bašić, Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse 2019-03
The Causal Effects of Adolescent School Bullying Victimisation on Later Life Outcomes Emma Gorman, Colm Harmon, Silvia Mendolia, Anita Staneva, Ian Walker 2019-03
Disability and Distress: The Effect of Disability Programs on Financial Outcomes Manasi Deshpande, Tal Gross, Yalun Su 2019-03
Changing Business Cycles: The Role of Women’s Employment Stefania Albanesi 2019-03
The lost ones: the opportunities and outcomes of non-college-educated Americans born in the 1960s Margherita Borella, Mariacristina De Nardi, Fang Yang 2019-03
The Boy Crisis: Experimental Evidence on the Acceptance of Males Falling Behind Alexander Cappelen, Ranveig Falch, Bertil Tungodden 2019-03
Presidential Elections, Divided Politics, and Happiness in the U.S. Sergio Pinto, Panka Bencsik, Tuugi Chuluun, Carol Graham 2019-03