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Uncertainty about Government Policy and Stock Prices Lubos Pastor, Pietro Veronesi 2010-06
Love and Money by Parental Match-Making: Evidence from Chinese Couples L. Colin Xu, Fali Huang, Ginger Jin 2010-07
Analyzing Social Experiments as Implemented: A Reexamination of the Evidence from the HighScope Perry Preschool Program James J. Heckman, Seong Hyeok Moon, Rodrigo Pinto, Peter Savelyev, Adam Q. Yavitz 2010-08
Prices Are Sticky After All Patrick J. Kehoe, Virgiliu Midrigan 2010-09
Socioeconomic status and the brain: Mechanistic insights from human and animal research Daniel Hackman, Martha Farah, Michael Meaney 2010-09
Identifying Provider Prejudice in Healthcare Amitabh Chandra, Douglas Staiger 2010-09
Explaining the Worldwide Boom in Higher Education of Women Gary S. Becker, William Hubbard, Kevin Murphy 2010-09
Do Competitive Workplaces Deter Female Workers? A Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment on Gender Differences in Job-Entry Decisions Andreas Leibbrandt, Jeffrey A. Flory, John List 2010-10
The evidence base for improving school outcomes by addressing the whole child and by addressing skills and attitudes, not just content Adele Diamond 2010-10
On the Timing and Pricing of Dividends Jules Vanbinsbergen, Michael W. Brandt, Ralph Koijen 2010-10
Sick of the Welfare State? Adaptation in the Demand for Social Insurance Martin Ljunge 2010-11
On the Dynamics of the Hecksher-Ohlin Theory Lorenzo Caliendo 2010-11
Interest on Cash with Endogenous Fiscal Policy Alexei Deviatov, Neil Wallace 2010-11
Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books Jean-Baptiste Michel, Yuan Kui Shen, Aviva Presser Aiden, Adrian Veres, Matthew K. Gray, Books Team Google, Joseph P. Pickett, Dale Hoiberg, Dan Clancy, Peter Norvig, Jon Orwant, Steven Pinker, Martin A. Nowak, Erez Lieberman Aiden 2010-12
Networks and Workouts: Treatment Size and Status Specific Peer Effects in a Randomized Field Experiment Philip Babcock, John L. Hartman 2010-12
General purpose computer-assisted clustering and conceptualization Justin Grimmer, Gary King 2010-12
Best Prices Judith A. Chevalier, Anil Kashyap 2010-12
The Fading Link? A New Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Financial Development and Economic Growth Marcelo P. Dabós, Ernesto Gantman 2010-12
Existence of Optimal Mechanisms in Principal-Agent Problems Philip J. Reny, Jeroen Swinkels, Ohad Kadan 2011-01
Early Endowments, Education, and Health Gabriella Conti, James J. Heckman, Sergio Urzua 2011-01