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The Causal Impact of Removing Children from Abusive and Neglectful Homes Anthony Bald, Eric Chyn, Justine S. Hastings, Margarita Machelett 2019-01
The Returns to Ability and Experience in High School Labor Markets: Revisiting Evidence on Employer Learning and Statistical Discrimination Xizi Li, Stephen L. Ross 2019-01
Endogenous skill-biased technology adoption: Evidence from China’s college enrollment expansion program Shuaizhang Feng, Xiaoyu Xia 2018-12
Women in Economics: Stalled Progress Shelly Lundberg, Jenna Stearns 2018-12
Motherhood and the Gender Productivity Gap Yana Gallen 2018-12
How Much of Barrier to Entry is Occupational Licensing? Peter Blair, Bobby Chung 2018-12
The Impact of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Households' Well-Being Daniela Del Boca, Chiara Pronzato, Giuseppe Sorrenti 2018-12
Now You See Me, Now You Don't: The Geography of Police Stops Jesse Kalinowski, Matthew Ross, Stephen L. Ross 2018-12
Foreclosure Spillovers within Broad Neighborhoods Weiran Huang, Ashlyn Nelson, Stephen L. Ross 2018-12
What is a Good School, and Can Parents Tell? Evidence on the Multidimensionality of School Output Diether W. Beuermann, C. Kirabo Jackson, Laia Navarro-Sola, Francisco Pardo 2018-12
A Very Uneven Playing Field: Economic Mobility in the United States Pablo Mitnik, Victoria Bryant, David Grusky 2018-12
The Race Between Demand and Supply: Tinbergen's Pioneering Studies of Earnings Inequality James J. Heckman 2018-12
Time-Use and Academic Peer Effects in College Nirav Mehta, Todd Stinebrickner, Ralph Stinebrickner 2018-11
Unemployment and Development Ying Feng, David Lagakos, James E. Rauch 2018-11
Sharp Bounds and Testability of a Roy Model of STEM Major Choices Ismael Mourifié, Marc Henry, Romuald Méango 2018-11
Human Capital Inequality: Empirical Evidence Brant Abbott, Giovanni Gallipoli 2018-11
Beyond Birth Weight: The Origins of Human Capital Gabriella Conti, Mark Hanson, Hazel Inskip, Sarah Crozier, Cyrus Cooper, Keith Godfrey 2018-11
Peers’ Parents and Educational Attainment Bobby Chung 2018-11
Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over one million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences Richard Karlsson Linnér, Pietro Biroli, Edward Kong, Jonathan Beauchamp, Daniel Benjamin, Philipp Koellinger, S. Fleur W. Meddens, Robee Wedow, Mark Alan Fontana, Maël Lebreton, Abdel Abdellaoui, Anke R. Hammerschlag 2018-11
Reducing Medical Spending of the Publicly Insured: The Case for a Cash-Out Option Svetlana Pashchenko, Ponpoje Porapakkarm 2018-11