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Title Authors Publication Datesort ascending
Women in Economics: Stalled Progress Shelly Lundberg, Jenna Stearns 2018-12
Motherhood and the Gender Productivity Gap Yana Gallen 2018-12
Unemployment and Development Ying Feng, David Lagakos, James E. Rauch 2018-11
Sharp Bounds and Testability of a Roy Model of STEM Major Choices Ismael Mourifié, Marc Henry, Romuald Méango 2018-11
Human Capital Inequality: Empirical Evidence Brant Abbott, Giovanni Gallipoli 2018-11
Beyond Birth Weight: The Origins of Human Capital Gabriella Conti, Mark Hanson, Hazel Inskip, Sarah Crozier, Cyrus Cooper, Keith Godfrey 2018-11
Peers’ Parents and Educational Attainment Bobby Chung 2018-11
Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over one million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences Richard Karlsson Linnér, Pietro Biroli, Edward Kong, Jonathan Beauchamp, Daniel Benjamin, Philipp Koellinger, S. Fleur W. Meddens, Robee Wedow, Mark Alan Fontana, Maël Lebreton, Abdel Abdellaoui, Anke R. Hammerschlag 2018-11
Reducing Medical Spending of the Publicly Insured: The Case for a Cash-Out Option Svetlana Pashchenko, Ponpoje Porapakkarm 2018-11
Production and Learning in Teams Kyle Herkenhoff, Jeremy Lise, Guido Menzio, Gordon Phillips 2018-11
Inequality in the Joint Distribution of Consumption and Time Use Jeehoon Han, Bruce Meyer, James X. Sullivan 2018-11
Time-Use and Academic Peer Effects in College Nirav Mehta, Todd Stinebrickner, Ralph Stinebrickner 2018-11
Publishing and Promotion in Economics: The Tyranny of the Top Five James J. Heckman, Sidharth Moktan 2018-10
Inequality in socioemotional skills: a cross-cohort comparison Orazio Attanasio, Richard Blundell , Gabriella Conti, Giacomo Mason 2018-10
The Life Expectancy of Older Couples and Surviving Spouses Janice Compton, Robert A. Pollak 2018-10
Early Stimulation and Nutrition: The Impacts of a Scalable Intervention Orazio Attanasio, Helen Baker-Henningham, Raquel Bernal, Costas Meghir, Diana Pineda, Marta Rubio-Codina 2018-10
Is Marriage for White People? Incarceration, Unemployment, and the Racial Marriage Divide Elizabeth Caucutt, Nezih Guner, Christopher Rauh 2018-10
The Bilingual Gap in Children’s Language and Emotional Development Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Colm Harmon, Anita Staneva 2018-10
Genes, Education, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study Nicholas W. Papageorge, Kevin Thom 2018-10
Genetic Endowments and Wealth Inequality Daniel Barth, Nicholas W. Papageorge, Kevin Thom 2018-10