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Correlation, Consumption, Confusion, or Constraints: Why do Poor Children Perform so Poorly? Elizabeth Caucutt, Lance Lochner, Youngmin Park 2015-03
Student Loans and Repayment: Theory, Evidence and Policy Lance Lochner, Alexander Monge-Naranjo 2015-03
Growth, Pollution, and Life Expectancy: China from 1991-2012 Avraham Ebenstein, Maoyong Fan, Michael Greenstone, Guojun He, Peng Yin, Maigeng Zhou 2015-02
Good Things Come to Those Who (Are Taught How to) Wait: Results from a Randomized Educational Intervention on Time Preference Sule Alan, Seda Ertac 2015-02
The New-Keynesian Liquidity Trap John Cochrane 2015-01
Four Types of Ignorance Lars Peter Hansen, Thomas J. Sargent 2015-01
Are the Non-Monetary Costs of Energy Efficiency Investments Large? Understanding Low Take-up of a Free Energy Efficiency Program Meredith Fowlie, Michael Greenstone, Catherine Wolfram 2015-01
Will Adaptation to Climate Change be Slow and Costly? Evidence from High Temperatures and Mortality, 1900-2004 Alan Barreca, Karen Clay, Olivier Deschenes, Michael Greenstone, Joseph S. Shapiro 2015-01
College Diversity and Investment Incentives Thomas Gall, Patrick Legros, Andrew Newman 2015-01
Gender Roles and Medical Progress Stefania Albanesi, Claudia Olivetti 2015-01
Race, Ethnicity and High Cost Mortgage Lending Patrick Bayer, Francisco Ferreira, Stephen L. Ross 2014-12
Human Capital Accumulation in a Federation Daniele Coen-Pirani 2014-12
Misspecified Recovery Jaroslav Borovička, Lars Peter Hansen, José A. Scheinkman 2014-12
Fostering and Measuring Skills: Improving Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills to Promote Lifetime Success Tim Kautz, James J. Heckman, Ron Diris, Bas ter Weel, Lex Borghans 2014-12
Early Health Shocks, Intrahousehold Resource Allocation, and Child Outcomes Junjian Yi, James J. Heckman, Junsen Zhang, Gabriella Conti 2014-12
Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance and the Black-White Wage Gap Elizabeth Ananat, Shihe Fu, Stephen L. Ross 2014-11
Terrorism and Human Capital at Birth: Bomb Casualties and Birth Outcomes in Spain Climent Quintana-Domeque, Pedro Rodenas-Serrano 2014-11
Taxing Top Earners: A Human Capital Perspective Alejandro Badel, Mark Huggett 2014-11
The Openness-Equality Trade-Off in Global Redistribution E. Glen Weyl 2014-10
Shock Elasticities and Impulse Responses Jaroslav Borovička, Lars Peter Hansen, José A. Scheinkman 2014-09