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The Vulnerability of Minority Homeowners in the Housing Boom and Bust Patrick Bayer, Fernando Ferreira, Stephen L. Ross 2014-03
Education, Health and Wages James J. Heckman, John Eric Humphries, Gregory Veramendi, Sergio Urzua 2014-03
Early-Life Environment and Adult Stature in Brazil during the Period 1950 to 1980 Victor Hugo de Oliveira, Climent Quintana-Domeque 2014-03
The Economics of Human Development and Social Mobility James J. Heckman, Stefano Mosso 2014-02
Local Transmission of Trade Shocks Ferdinando Monte 2014-01
Capital Requirements, Risk Choice, and Liquidity Provision in a Business Cycle Model Juliane Begenau 2014-01
The Pass-Through of Sovereign Risk Luigi Bocola 2014-01
Intermediation and Voluntary Exposure to Counterparty Risk Maryam Farboodi 2014-01
Financial Crises and Policy Andrea Prestipino 2014-01
The Price of Political Uncertainty: Theory and Evidence from the Option Market Bryan T. Kelly, Lubos Pastor, Pietro Veronesi 2014-01
In Old Chicago: Simons, Friedman and the Development of Monetary-Policy Rules George Tavlas 2014-01
Scale and Skill in Active Management Lubos Pastor, Robert F. Stambaugh, Lucian A. Taylor 2014-01
Does Female Empowerment Promote Economic Development? Matthias Doepke, Michèle Tertilt 2014-01
Default and Repayment among Baccalaureate Degree Earners Lance Lochner, Alexander Monge-Naranjo 2014-01
Financial Crises and Systemic Bank Runs in a Dynamic Model of Banking Roberto Robatto 2013-12
Optimal Product Variety in Radio Markets Steven Berry, Alon Eizenberg, Joel Waldfogel 2013-12
The Determinants of Rising Inequality in Health Insurance and Wages Rong Hai 2013-12
Optimal Time-Consistent Macroprudential Policy Javier Bianchi, Enrique G. Mendoza 2013-12
The Prison Boom and the Lack of Black Progress after Smith and Welch Derek Neal, Armin Rick 2013-11
Parental Investment and the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Preferences and Attitudes Maria Zumbuhl, Thomas Dohmen, Gerard Pfann 2013-11