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The Importance of Financial Resources for Student Loan Repayment Lance Lochner, Todd Stinebrickner, Utku Suleymanoglu 2013-11
Evolutionary Justifications for Non-Bayesian Beliefs Hanzhe Zhang 2013-11
Does Employer Learning Vary by Schooling Attainment? The Answer Depends on How Career Start Dates are Defined Audrey Light, Andrew McGee 2013-10
Maternity Leave and the Responsiveness of Female Labor Supply to a Household Shock Emma Tominey 2013-10
Margin Regulation and Volatility Johannes Brumm, Michael Grill, Felix Kubler, Karl Schmedders 2013-10
Booms and Banking Crises Frédéric Boissay, Fabrice Collard, Frank Smets 2013-10
Educational Inequality and the Returns to Skills Shelly Lundberg 2013-10
Banks' Risk Exposures Monika Piazzesi, Juliane Begenau, Martin Schneider 2013-10
Structural GARCH: The Volatility-Leverage Connection Robert Engle, Emil Siriwardane 2013-10
Associations between socioeconomic status and cortical thickness in prefrontal cortical subregions Gwendolyn Lawson, Jeffrey Duda, Brian Avants, Jue Wu, Martha Farah 2013-09
Causal Analysis after Haavelmo James J. Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto 2013-09
Ratio-of-Mediator-Probability Weighting for Causal Mediation Analysis in the Presence of Treatment-by-Mediator Interaction Guanglei Hong, Jonah Deutsch, Heather Hill 2013-09
Education Policy and Intergenerational Transfers in Equilibrium Brant Abbott, Giovanni Gallipoli, Costas Meghir, Gianluca Violante 2013-09
The Parenting Gap Richard V. Reeves, Kimberly Howard 2013-09
Wage, Income and Consumption Inequality in Japan, 1981-2008: from Boom to Lost Decades Jeremy Lise, Nao Sudo, Michio Suzuki, Ken Yamada, Tomoaki Yamada 2013-09
The Macro-dynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms Jeremy Lise, Jean-Marc Robin 2013-09
Taxation of earnings: The impact on labor supply and human capital Richard Blundell 2013-09
Happy Peasants and Frustrated Achievers? Agency, Capabilities, and Subjective Well-Being Carol Graham, Milena Nikolova 2013-09
Nash Equilibrium in Discontinuous Games Philip J. Reny 2013-09
Market Forces Shaping Human Capital in Eighteenth Century London Karine van der Beek, Moshe Justman 2013-09