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Terrorism and Human Capital at Birth: Bomb Casualties and Birth Outcomes in Spain Climent Quintana-Domeque, Pedro Rodenas-Serrano 2014-11
Taxing Top Earners: A Human Capital Perspective Alejandro Badel, Mark Huggett 2014-11
The Openness-Equality Trade-Off in Global Redistribution E. Glen Weyl 2014-10
Shock Elasticities and Impulse Responses Jaroslav Borovička, Lars Peter Hansen, José A. Scheinkman 2014-09
Exploring the Nexus Between Macro-Prudential Policies and Monetary Policy Measures: Evidence from an Estimated DSGE Model for the Euro Area Giacomo Carboni, Christoffer Kok, Matthieu Darrak Paries 2014-09
The Determinants and Consequences of Friendship Composition Jason M. Fletcher, Stephen L. Ross, Yuxiu Zhang 2014-09
The Housing and Educational Consequences of the School Choice Provisions of NCLB: Evidence from Charlotte, NC Stephen Billings, Eric Brunner, Stephen L. Ross 2014-09
Change and Persistence in the Economic Status of Neighborhoods and Cities Stuart Rosenthal, Stephen L. Ross 2014-09
The Value of Regulatory Discretion: Estimates from Environmental Inspections in India Esther Duflo, Michael Greenstone, Rohini Pande, Nicholas Ryan 2014-09
Ability, Parental Valuation of Education, and the High School Dropout Decision Kelly Foley, Giovanni Gallipoli, David Green 2014-09
Maternal Health and the Baby Boom Stefania Albanesi, Claudia Olivetti 2014-07
Patience, self-control and the demand for commitment: Evidence from a large-scale field experiment Sule Alan, Seda Ertac 2014-07
Bayesian Exploratory Factor Analysis Gabriella Conti, Sylvia Fruehwirth-Schnatter, James J. Heckman, Rémi Piatek 2014-07
The Costs of Occupational Mobility: An Aggregate Analysis Guido Matias Cortes, Giovanni Gallipoli 2014-07
Uncertainty Outside and Inside Economic Models Lars Peter Hansen 2014-07
Examining Macroeconomic Models Through the Lens of Asset Pricing Jaroslav Borovička, Lars Peter Hansen 2014-07
Parenting with Style: Altruism and Paternalism in Intergenerational Preference Transmission Matthias Doepke, Fabrizio Zilibotti 2014-06
Post-secondary attendance by parental income in the U.S. and Canada: Do financial aid policies explain the differences? Philippe Belley, Marc Frenette, Lance Lochner 2014-05
Slow Moving Debt Crises Guido Lorenzoni, Iván Werning 2014-05
Colonial Legacy, Linguistic Disenfranchisement and the Civil Conflict in Sri Lanka Paul Casteneda Dower, Victor Ginsburgh, Shlomo Weber 2014-05